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Trusted Protection from Aswata Car Insurance

Trusted Protection from Aswata Car Insurance-Wahana Tata insurance company or commonly referred to by its short name, Aswata is one of the largest and most trusted general insurance companies in Indonesia. Established since 1964 which signifies that this insurance company has been established for about 52 years and makes it has tasted so much experience in the insurance world that it has excellent quality. This insurance company has penetrated widely in Indonesia so that access to it has become easier. There are about 70 branch offices spread across cities (especially major cities) in Indonesia so that customers do not need to bother accessing it, there are also about 1200 competent and professional employees so as to increase the quality of service. One of the insurance products that became its advantage is Aswata car insurance.

Trusted Protection from Aswata Car Insurance

Aswata car insurance has special products for car protection

Aswata car insurance is a special insurance product for car protection, be it a private car or other types of cars, and is included in Aswata's motor vehicle insurance, in addition to motor insurance. The guarantees provided by this insurance product include: coverage of the cost of damaged or lost cars, reimbursement of transport costs, provision of authorized workshops or insurance company partner workshops for car repairs, guarantees for car equipment, and so on. There are also some additional assurance services that add quality of protection such as: Emergency Roadside Assistance which provides 24-hour tow cars and emergency car repair services in desperate conditions, claim vehicle shuttle and pick-up services, stnk active life extension services, and many more.

Aswata has two types of car insurance, namely TLO (Total Loss Only) which serves total damage and All Risk which serves all risks that occur in the car. But, there are also three insurance plans with expansion guarantees (Oto A Plus insurance plans) that you can choose as needed, namely signature packages, Platinum plans, and finally the Premium plan. All these guarantees are different in terms of the coverage of the guarantee only, not different in quality, because all three have the best quality and trusted.

To get the aswata car insurance guarantees, you don't need to spend too deeply for it because Aswata has a friendly price. The price of this insurance premium has a standard premium price rate for its products, the price you can also pay directly for a period of one year or in installments every month. With friendly insurance premium prices, you also don't have to worry anymore about expenses. A small portion of the money you spend will be guaranteed with such a large and satisfactory guarantee in case of risk to your car later. And, by looking at a brief profile of this insurance company and knowing how Aswata car insurance claims work, you must have been able to agree if Aswata is suitable to be called a trusted insurance.