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8 models of essential business e-commerce

8 models of essential business e-commerce-You're planning to build your own online store. You know business models ecommerce you may be more inspiring? In this article I'll tell you some of the benefits of electronic commerce for both businesses and consumers, as well as some types and business models more important now that can help you decide to build your e-commerce.

In US, as in many other countries in recent years to create your own online store you are a business that is growing and a very good option for those who want to undertake on their own. But before starting your e-commerce you will have to consider some concepts on this subject that may be critical to the success of your investment.

For a few years, many companies and professionals have decided to launch to sell their products over the Internet, driven by falling sales in physical stores and increased sales in the online business. But the percentage of business consolidation is still very low, largely because many companies or professionals make mistakes in raising their strategies.

Therefore, it is very important to choose well before you start your e-commerce, the model that you will use to implement your online store. You must be clear about the target audience you're running your online, their characteristics, needs, preferences, etc, shop for and choose the type of business model that suits you and suits your strategies and objectives.

So in this post I will speak 8 business models that may help you choose the one that best suits you your online store.

What is electronic commerce?

E-commerce, which is also known as e-commerce, is the buying or selling products and services through electronic media such as the Internet.

Most of the e-commerce is the sale and purchase of products or services among individuals and businesses, however, a considerable percentage of e-commerce is attributed to the purchase of virtual items such.

Benefits of e-commerce

• Cost reduction - the creation of an online store is much smaller than the creation of a physical store.
• Elimination of borders - the e-commerce enables faster global reach.
• Customization - allows greater customization and faster in dealing with the customer.
• Business 24h available - with e-commerce your store will always be available every day of the week at a low cost.
• Increased knowledge - allowing the customer to understand their needs and expectations.
• Market niches - allows to reach special goals and more efficiently and at low cost customers.
• Improves customer service - to improve the quality and efficiency in customer service.
• Reduces communication costs - using the Internet as a communication channel.

Customer Benefits

Universal - consumers anywhere in the world can make a purchase from having access to the Internet.Wider range of products and services - allows the existence of a variety of products and services.Immediate delivery - usually purchases of products or services are sent immediately.More information is available - consumers have much more information available about products and services.Customization - customers can customize products or services to your taste, depending on the options available.Compare prices - consumers can make a price comparison between different products or services to decide for the best for you.Tracking purchases - customers can make order tracking to find out what state they are.Share your experience - through social networks, something highly sought after by customers who are in the process of purchasing a product or service, see the experiences of other consumers.

Main types of e-commerce

Business - to -Business (B2B)

It is a model of e-commerce in which all participants are companies.

Some advantages of this type of electronic commerce are:

• Time saving;
• Cost reduction;
• Control fulfillment;
• Price negotiation;
• Increases control over purchases.

Business - total Consumer (B2C)

It is the type of electronic commerce where companies with consumers (buyers) are related.

The most important advantages are:

• Make more comfortable and quick purchases from anywhere, thanks to the online store;
• Offers and very current prices;
• Compare different market prices of a product or service;
• Lower cost of infrastructure for business;
• Ability to interact directly with end consumers.

Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C)

It is a type of electronic commerce that brings together the B2B and B2C, ie commercial transactions between companies and between companies and final consumers.

Its advantages include:

• Expands the market;
• Centralizes supply and demand;
• Customer integrated into the website.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

They are types of e-commerce where business transactions originated by the final consumer, that is who sets the terms of sale businesses are made.

Some of its features:

• Interaction between consumers and businesses;
• bidirectionality;
• It allows better conditions in the bid submitted by companies.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

Where interactions are made directly between consumers, it may be involving an intermediary.

Its main advantages are:

• The possibility of market expansion;
• Reducing management costs and advertising;
• Ease and speed that allows to offer products and services.

Business-to-employee (B2E)

It refers to the commercial relationship between companies and their employees and where both profit from this interaction.

Some advantages may be:

• Increased employee loyalty.
• Encourages employees to consume products or services of the company;
• Purchasing products or services discounted by the company.
• These are some of the main types of e-commerce, but there are others such as the Government-to-Citizen (G2C), the Government-to-Business (G2B), Exchange-to-Exchange (E2E), etc., depends on what that best suits your business needs.


En este articulo he querido hablarte de los tipos y modelos de negocio de e-commerce que yo creo que pueden ser muy utiles para ayudarte a crear tu tienda online. Existen muchos otros modelos, tan buenos o mejores que estos, yo he intentado explicarte algunos de los mas habituales, pero eres tu quien tiene que saber cuales son tus objetivos y decidirte por el que mejor te convenga.