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10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step.

How to draw anime eyes. Variant 1.

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Draw an upward curve line. It should be somewhat dark.
• Make lower part of the eye by drawing diagonal lines.
• Remove the extra lines and add an oval within eye.
• Make outline of light glares. Add some shades.
• Make pupil under the light glares. Highlight the top area. Make eyelashes. Make eyebrow and add finishing touch.

How to draw a male eye. Variant 2.

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Start making a thick, almost horizontal and slightly curved line.
• Slightly make two diagonal lines under top curved line.
• Draw a party covered iris by upper eyelid.
• Add light glares in eye. (as per image)
• Make pupil under the light glares and give shade. Make eyelash and eyelid.

Draw a guy’s eye. Variant 3

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Add a curved and long line.
• Make two diagonal lines beneath the curved line. Angle of these lines should be different from curved line.
• Draw an iris on upper eyelid. It should be a perfect circle.
• Add some light glares on the top of eye.
• Add pupil and shading in iris. Make eyebrow. Make smooth and darken the lines.

How to draw manga eye. Variant 4

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Make lines in the shape of eye. Use light pencil to make sketch of an eye.
• Outline the eye shape, add light glares. Extend the eye area with curved lines.
• Make eye shape thicker. Add shape in eye.

Draw anime girl eye. Variant 5

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Draw two curve lines facing each other.
• Add a circle between these curve lines.
• Add light glares in this circle.
• Apart from light glares fill the circle with dark shade.
• Give a finishing touch to eye.
• Make eyebrow and eyelid
• Give some shade to eye and it’s done

Draw an anime eye. Variant 6

• Draw a somewhat different circle and draw curved lines on the top of this circle. Also cut this circle with semi circle on the top.
• Fill the eyelid with dark pencil and make eyelashes. Add light glare in between the circle.
• Fill the upper light glare part with small lines. Complete the semi circle with light line.
• Add some more small light glares within circle shape.
• Add shade in circle and upper eyelid area.
• Give a finishing touch.

Draw a manga eye. Variant 7

• Draw one big and one small curved line. Big curved line should be somewhat thinker. Make a rectangle shape with a semi circle on the upper side. Add a slighter curve and dark line on the top of this rectangle. Add light glare in this rectangle.
• Add more light glares as per image.
• Apart from light glares, fill the vacant area with dark and soft pencil.

Draw Manga Style eye. Variant 8

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Make an outline eyelid.
• Give an angle to your eyelid on left and right side.
• Draw one more shape with two lines. (check image)
• Make an iris in between these lines.
• Add one small and one big pupil in circle.
• Fill the big pupil. Shape the upper part of circle.
• Give shape to pupil with crosshatching. Make a simple eyebrow.

Draw an anime eye. Variant 9

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Draw a thicker curve as an eyelid. Add light horizontal lines on the top of eyelid. Draw a perfect circle connected to think eyelid.
• Fill the circle with purple color
• Add light glares within circle of blue color and make pupil.
• Add light pink shade in circle.
• Add small white lines in shade.
• Add dark pink dots within circle
• Fill the pupil with dark pink dots.
• Add bright blue dots in circle.
• Fill the background
• Add a light shade on the top of circle and beneath eyelid.
• Add two bright dark red color ovals
• Empty these ovals

Draw Anime Eye. Variant 10

10 Ways how to draw anime eyes step by step

• Make three boxes connected with each other.
• Draw curve line in right and left boxes and make two slight small horizontal lines on these boxes.
• Draw oval shapes in these boxes between curved and horizontal lines.
• In left and right box, draw empty pupil and glares. In right box, apart from pupil and glare fill the eye with dark color.
• Remove all three boxes, make eyebrow and give a finishing touch.